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Spring 2013 — Cold paving project shows staying power

A two-year relationship between the City of Edmonton and EZ Street Canada led to a substantial road repair project that has proven to stand up to the test of time. The work was performed in early August, 2011. The chosen location is in the Lago Lindo suburb in Northern Edmonton.

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Asphalt Pro Magazine

March, 2012 — International Production

This SPL110 mobile drum plant from Asphalt Drum Mixers, Huntertown, Ind., is set up to produce EZ Street cold asphalt in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, by Det'on Cho Nuna Asphalt Producers, Ltd., for Nuna Logistics, Ltd., on the Ndilo Community surfacing project.

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Christopher Hunt, National Manager for EZ Street Canada featured on Ahorn TV at Globe 2012 Trade Fair in Vancouver

March 14-16, 2012 — Learn about EZ Street Asphalt product technology. Please visit video time segment roughly 15:09 to 17:26

Bernd and Stefanie Schales are the owners of the 8th Generation Vineyard located in the Okanagan Valley. The native Germans produce B.C. wine since 2003 for the local market. We made a visit and gained some interesting insights about the production process of the family enterprise.

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Edge Magazine Yellowknife

Winter, 2011 — Road to Future?

Out at the edge of town, by the quarry at the end of Kam Lake, sits a machine that looks like a conveyor belt attached to an orange locomotive and three rail cars. It is actually a custom-built portable asphalt plant owned by EZ Street Canada and this past summer it produced roughly 1,700 tonnes of material to pave N´Dilo´s main road.

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Gas Oil & Mining Contractor

August, 2011 — Paving the way

Building roads and landing strips for gas, oil and mining facilities is often a challenge. Traditional hot mix asphalt and associated road building equipment is difficult to transport to remote sites and traditional asphalt either goes down poorly—or not at all—in cold or wet weather. Cold asphalt products, or hot mix alternatives as they're commonly known, aim to fill the gap by providing materials that can be delivered and applied in a broad range of environments, using minimal equipment.

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Construction North of 60

2011 — Revolutionizing Northern Paving

Thanks to the fact that it can be applied easily in cold temperatures, EZ Street cold paving technology will likely revolutionize paving projects across the country and across the North. The product is made like a normal asphalt, but a special polymer that binds the material allows to be stored and installed at extremely cold temperatures.

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Aggregates & Road Building

November/December, 2010 — EZ does it

As its moniker suggests, EZ Street can make life a breeze for road building and repair crews. The name also accurately defines why the product is already being used in 20 countries and is quickly gaining traction in Canada since the launch of EZ Street Canada three years ago in Yellowknife.

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