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Join us for a product demonstration at Salvador Ready Mix Concrete in Cranbrook.

June 14, 2017

Proud supplier of EZ Street – your pothole repair solution. Drop by to learn about EZ Street.

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EZ Street Goes Big In Vegas, Baby!

CONEXPO 2017 was huge—and EZ Street Asphalt was there to be huge right along with it.

March 2017

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

December 2016

Happy Holidays to all of our customers and thank you for your business.
From the EZ Street Canada Team

There’s a permanent fix for potholes.

February 10, 2016

During freezing cold weather, Municipal crews tend to use a temporary patch product until traditional hot asphalt is available. EZ Street Cold Asphalt can be applied cold and is a permanent solution to fix a problem pothole now and quickly without a return visit.

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Check out our Customer Testimonials!

November 25, 2015

Watch and Learn from EZ Street Canada’s customers. We have testimonials from road maintenance contractors, public works and municipal contractors, even golf course superintendents. EZ Street Asphalt is their preferred asphalt solution!

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Music City Patches Green

April/May, 2014 — Asphalt Pro

When you think of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, you think first of the Grand Ole Opry, the Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Predators. These days the Athens of the South is also known as a community that strives to be a leader in going green Lojac Enterprises, Inc., of Hermitage, the EZ Street Asphalt producer for Tennessee, is trying to help cities throughout Tennessee become even greener when it comes to how they permanently repair potholes and utility cuts.

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Winning the war against potholes.

March 25, 2014

During wintry like weather, crews may be utilizing a temporary cold patch product until weather conditions improve and traditional hot asphalt is available. What municipal crews might not know is that EZ Street Asphalt can fix the problem now.

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Historically Vicious Winter Leaves Roads A Dangerous, Potholed Mess

March 5, 2014 — Innovative Product Cuts The Expense Of Road Repair In Half

What if all those potholes could be filled more quickly? Permanently? And at half the price of traditional methods? It can be done—and is happening from Alaska to Australia — with EZ Street cold asphalt.

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Construction Business

September/October, 2013 — Maintaining Excellence

Maintaining our transportation infrastructure is no easy task. Maintenance contractors work hard every day to ensure roads and bridges are clear and safe to keep goods and people moving efficiently.

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Rock to Road Magazine

September/October, 2013 — Developing Cold Mix

The development of cold mix asphalt has provided a new solution for road and pavement repairs in Canada. Cold mix asphalt allows for repair work to be done in all temperatures without worrying about being able to keep the asphalt hot during transport from asphalt plant to job site.

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The Roadrunner

Summer 2013 — The Cost of Cold Joints

Warm mix technology has been successful for overall surface performance and compaction issues. But, if warm is better than hot, then cold is best! Cold asphalt paving would eliminate cold joint creation and all of the negative consequences that result in future maintenance expenditures.

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Hot mix in a bag – not just a pothole repair solution!

March 14, 2013

EZ Street is being utilized extensively in over twenty countries around the world. Widely recognized as a high quality, high performance asphalt, proven to permanently repair potholes in any weather condition and instantly ready for traffic.

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February 2013 — Deering Bridge Resurfacing – Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island

The performance of EZ Street Asphalt was put to the test during the rehabilitation of Deering Bridge in Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island. Mainroad South Island Contracting’s Bridge Crew completed the resurfacing as part of the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Service Area 01 Highway Maintenance Contract.

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Asphalt Pro Magazine

August/September, 2011 — Mainroad Solves Problem in the Cold

In the wet climate of Vancouver where motorists and contractors alike are used to freeze-thaw cycles, University Boulevard needed a winter patch. Originally designed for light traffic, the road had seen population—thus traffic—increases. Alligator cracking had led to serious pavement deterioration in some areas and the lovely grove of trees lining the road had sent root disruptions into the pavement as well.

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Daily Commercial News and Construction Record

February 25, 2011 — EZ Street Canada develops asphalt mix for use in extreme cold

Hot mix is often the asphalt of choice for paving projects, but EZ Street Canada is aiming to take a bite out of the market with a cold asphalt paving mix that can be applied without heating at temperatures ranging from minus 18C to 38C.

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February 17, 2011 — National Park Working on Potholes Along Highway

National park working on potholes along highway. Orange bags currently mark large potholes along the highway into Tofino, but according to the national park the potholes should be patched as early as next month. The stretch of road with the largest potholes is within Parks Canada's boundaries which means the park is responsible for maintenance.

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Popular Mechanics

July, 2000 — Great Stuff: EZ Street

Can this product make repairing your driveway downright easy? You’ll have to decide that for yourself, but we’ll put it this way, it has the potential to make the job a lot easier. It’s called EZ Street, and it consists of 35 pounds of blended sand, stone, asphalt and polymer resins packed neatly in a tear-resistant plastic bag with a rope handle.

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